TMNuts did it again!

Streamyx is so awfully bad in my area of late.  Just more than a week ago, I filed a complaint on my dead internet line and I received a relatively good support from the technician.  My line was finally up for the past few days and suddenly it’s all collapsing again.  There’s nothing wrong with my broadband line per se; but the quality of it is as good as none!

This happens especially in the evening onwards till wee hours in the morning (like now?).   I reckon it could be the congestion of users within the same area that is utilizing the same cable/base.  I dunno the technical terms for all that…but I sure know I’m paying every month for less than 50% of utilization.. *urk*  So this has been quite a pain for me since I work at night very often! 😦  I have to set my alarm clock to buzz at ungodly hours just to hope that the line is clear and I can log in to work.  Not exactly what I would classify as work life balance *sigh*  So gonna lodge another complain to TMNuts!  BTW, I am very certain I’m not the only one experiencing this.  The internet at my aunt’s is just as bad…during broad day light! Lemme know if you are facing the same problem too.

Something random out of my late-nite hunger pang..

This was taken early last month when my uncle bought this awesome Tapioca kuih from Indonesia.  It’s a homemade brand and it’s very different from the Tapioca kuih (Choo Chu Kuih) we get here.

It is not as sweet and also not as baked as the one we have.  Thus the “crust” is soft, and not exactly fragrant to my liking I have to say.

But the texture and the taste is really, really good! It is definitely much more lemak (rich in santan/coconut milk) and thus very moist.  I couldn’t go past the 2nd piece.  It’s really very rich!  But you’ll lovitt if you like anything coconut-ish! 😛

Hmmm… I’m still hungry….


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