Liu Lian Tang

Glossary: 1) Liu Lian = Durian  2) Tang = Worm


I apologize for showing the wormy shots.  Couldn’t resist it.  Found this fella wriggling in my bathroom one day when I was about to go in to shower.  Knowing how blind I can get without my visual-corrective-aids, I almost dismissed it as something else 😛

I remember telling JenC that I’ll pee on it to kill it if I have to 😛 LOLx.  Of cos I didn’t la…!!  I flushed it into the drain instead -______-|| Prolly he would rather have died under my pee than many other horrifying contamination in the drain.  LOLx.

P.s:  To explain how the durian worm came about – At some point folks kept buying durian and cempedak (jackfruit) for us.  So we just happened to have kept a lot of durians in the washing area (right outside the bathroom).  I reckon this poor chap must have gotten thirsty and came out looking for a cuppa!


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