Piggy Bank

Some of you may already know I have an on-going “Free OCR” fund at work where I keep all the 50 cents coins in the piggy bank.  I used to store 1 dollar coin but they discontinued the fella..so, I had to resolve to the next big coin.  I believe there are still a lot of 1 dollar coins inside…I have no idea what I’m going to do if the bank doesn’t want them anymore 😦  Anyways, the piggy bank is suppose to be filled up faster than this… it’s been like…5 years maybe? and it is still not at the brim yet.  Clearly, the “Free OCR” plan is on-going until further notice..

If you haven’t already noticed, I have quite a number of things to save up for.  To begin with, I’m planning to get a car.  A small car would suffice a city use but one that can accommodate at least 5 passengers.  Due to very limited & low budget, I reckon I might be getting a local made compact.  Problem (or prolly a blessing in disguise) is, the car will not be available until another 2 to 3 months (or longer).  And rumor says, the new model is coming out.  So, I’m kinda stuck.  Anyhow, I have to plan out at least a 20K down payment for that and also the installments that come along.   Then, my D90 is still sitting at home in a corner with no lens on it.  Kinda pathetic really.  I’m planning to get a 18-200mm but that’s gonna cost me a good whole 1K at least (Note to self: Please don’t succumb to any other items at the shop).  I have to put the lens on hold since the priority is the lowest amongst all.  Up next is a new lappie ever since Ethan died.   To get an ASUS, it’s another 3K.  So all in all, that’s really a lot of money we’re talking about for a final quarter of 2010.  No joke.  I’m starting to panic a little already.  Not that I don’t have the $$ to get them all; it’s just a lot to give away in a short time.

Thus, I’m trying to think of ways to prolly earn a few extra bucks *grin* and save a few extra bucks *hand over eyes* I know for sure I won’t be engaging in another PT job for this year, so I thought I could as well sign up for ChurpChurp and hope that I’ll be able to get some assignments 😀  I know my Twitter follows are really low (not that I mind) and I am not exactly a Social Media freak; but I guess no harm trying for a few extra dollars.  It’ll prolly take another 5 years before I can announce my next 100 bucks income from Churp?  😛  However, if you are kind enough, you could actually help me out by signing up as a Churper and that could just earn me a chunk of extrassss!! Click here to sign up with me as your referral 😀  Alternatively, you can also click on the ChurpChurp badge on the right side bar on my blog.  It’s real easy.  All you need is a Twitter and/or Facebook account which you maintain with no less than 25 friends (not sure if it’s 25 friends each though).  Pweetttyy Plleeeaseee?? 😀

Update: Ironically, I just found out, today is the last day for the referral contest!! LOLx.

I have even resorted to eating lunch at my cube to save up some $$ 😀 Eating leftovers most of the time too.  So kesian kan? 😛 (Okla..this is solely for sympathy only 😛 I do enjoy all my leftover lunch packs..a lot!!)

And today’s lunch is mega yummy.  Don’t assume this is a small bowl. It holds up to 1++ cup of rice…which is exactly what Yours Truly is having *grins* And you see the chilli padi?? It’s sooo megaaaa hawwwtt!! *jumps virtually*

Oh.  You can also help me out  by signing up for PULSE survey account and participate in all the assigned surveys.  It’s real easy.  Sign up with all the relevant details so that they can assign the rightful surveys to you.  The surveys are usually less than 5 minutes in length.  Each survey you complete, you’ll earn some points. I’ve been doing this for years…and obviously not many surveys are assigned to me.  But I’m pretty close to amount where I can consider cashing out in USD!  Unfortunately..I haven’t quite the time to figure out how to get the payment part set up 😛  So, click on the PULSE banner (right below the ChurpChurp badge) and sign up!!

I know I sound real kiasu today 😛 Must be the red hot chilli that got the kiasu-ism pumping 😛  Anyhow, have a good week.  The weekend is really close by now (can’t wait!!).  But for now, I’m gonna have to slave on some not-so-nice stuffs and pray that everything completes on time for tomorrow’s deadline!
*Zoomssss*  Cheers!


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