Last Friday of August

Finally back from practice tonight. I’m feeling sicker than the past two days.  Not good.  I sure hope I don’t lose my voice this weekend.  Gonna need a lot of it to hit the shrieking notes! *kick myself for choosing all the male voice songs*  Lesson learnt!…. *sigh*

Just pop in a pill to numb the headache away.  Kenot tahan dy… This evening has been challenging for everyone.  Somehow, we were all not up to ‘form’ *sigh*  Not to mention having to deal with certain un-sound individuals… *urk*  Lord, forgive me for my lack of love & acceptance for my dear brother. Anyways, I do pray that he will get over whatever that he is displeased about and not be so worked up with everyone else on the team.  Servanthood is not about 1 person; it’s about many servants for 1 God.  Lord,  please grant this brother the peace & the comfort that he needs; knowing that it is You that he is serving and not men.

I’m thankful we had an hour of feilou-ship tonight.  Only LC & XinYi was not with us; the rests of us definitely needed the teh tarik session to unwind.  I hope we all get some good rest tonight! 🙂

Before I sign off…

Blessed Birthday, Bibs!!

Sorry, I have been so busy that I haven’t a dedicated post for you 😛

Night folks!


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