How did your week go?

I noticed some sporadic-random clicks on some of my posts in the past few days.  I believe there must be some new visitors to OCR of late.  If you are one of the new ones who have stumbled upon this site (whether or not you are going to return), Welcome to the utter randomness!

My week (or rather past weeks) have been topsy turvy with lots of mental stress, emotional roller coaster; all of which is taking a huge toll on my health again.  So much so, I think it is time to go queue up for a doctor’s appointment (something that I truly hate!).  Will see if I can gradually tune my body back to normal.  Work has been very hard on me.  Being my work nature, I have to constantly balance the stress that comes from all sides of business; customers, developers, business, support team.  It’s madness if I could even gently describe it.  When you have Asian customers as your top ranks, your life is pretty much a living hell.  Trust me on that.  Every penny they pay you, they’ll ensure they squeeze at least a dollar out of you in return.

I’m going to try to wind down a bit for my weekend (not quite possible…but I’ll still try).  In the meantime, this is The Isaacs for you.  I think they are just so blessed with the wonderful gifts from God.  Have a blessed weekend folks!


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