7 months down

Believe it or not, the 1st month of the 2nd half of 2010 is about to end in the next 13 hours! *sweat*

I noticed a lot of traffic to OCR comes from Google search for Pulau Aman which lands on my entry on my lunch outing with my family to Pulau Aman last year.  My page is listed almost at the bottom of the 3rd page search in Google and yet quite a number was led this way.  However, I do feel bad for not being able to offer any imagery information to those who may have read and felt like they could have wasted 5 minutes of their time 😀  But I sure hope one way or another, they’ve got what they were looking for.  Another item that always get captured into this particular Pulau Aman post is the buah sukun (breadfruit).  I guess people are more aware of the fruit/vegetable once you’ve been to the island itself.  Hmm…if I ever go back to the island for mee udang, I promise I’ll take more pictures this time and be a bit more informative 😉

It’s going to be a busy Saturday.  I have only 1.5hours to finish up my supposedly-planned housework before I have to go out to have lunch and run all my errands.  But I feel awfully tired & sleepy.  Most possibly because A-baby just got aborted (technically it was yesterday but body has been cranky..) and I’m all drained now…in pain.. *eek*

Guess I won’t explore my new toy this weekend.  Will do so when I have the time.  Going to pick up my temporary machine when it comes back.  I won’t be using the MacBook anymore 😛 Will be using an old ThinkPad instead; which I’m fine since it should be a much more powerful machine and I very much need just a companion now 🙂

Gotta go.  Have a good Saturday.

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