Langkawi ‘The Eagle’ Island (10 – 12 July, 2010)

I figured if I don’t blog about it now, I will surely procrastinate indefinitely.   I blogged when I was there but haven’t since been able to continue.  The photos were all in Ethan which I only managed to retrieve them yesterday.  There are a lot of photos but I could only pick out a few…and that alone; will lead you to a total of 51 photos in this blog.  Sorry, if your connection is slow…

Before that – do you know that Langkawi consists of 99 islands? When we were told of that, it was kinda hard to believe. 99 islands.  That’s massive.  Almost hard to miss out if you really think about it.  But as we drove around the North-West, South-West and Western coast of the island, you’ll almost never fail to see little bulges of islands stretching out in the sea.  With that, I’m not surprise it totals up to 99 after all….

The hotels

We stayed in 2 hotel/motels throughout the 3D2N stay.  1st was Awana Porto Malai  (MYR230/night) followed by a motel along Pantai Cenang (AB Motel – MYR150/night).  No pictures taken at the motel because….it just wasn’t that comfortable to stay inside 😛 So, we didn’t really spend that much time in the room.  BTW, Awana’s rate is cheaper when booked only.

The hotel is very old and not well maintained.  But the view is just awesome.  It’s right at a dock on it’s own.  No beach around it though..

If you intend to take any cruise packages, Awana is usually where they set out from.

Breakfast spread (on Day 2) is very simple.  That weekend was really full of guests; packed to the brim! To the extent they even served stale pineapple.. >.<

We sat outside overlooking the sea.  But the sun slowly crept in and got us both steamed. Kids were just running around screaming and throwing sausages & bread into the sea to feed the fishes.  Parents seemed to be cheering on… >.<

The Beach(es)

The entire Pantai Tengah (where Awana is) to Pantai Cenang (where AB Motel is) until Pantai Kok (near The Loft) is just stretches of generous white, sandy beach.  The sand is so fine that when you walk barefooted on the beach, it’s almost therapeutic!

Apparently this is where you get the best sunset ever! We wanted to get something to eat for the extremely late lunch.  But this place not only offer the best sunset (apparently), also the most expensive lunch menu for a shabby place…. *gulp*

That’s the face saying “Wah liao…can I walk out now?”.. “Of cos!”

The beach is definitely much cleaner than the ones in Penang and way nicer to walk on since it’s not muddy and rocky.  However there are still litters of bottles, cans and lots of broken shells.

Paulaner for MYR12 each.  Beer anyone?

Early morning stroll at Pantai Cenang..the morning after Paul Oktopus became world treasure and Spain took the spot!

I was busy trying to catch up with my sleep.  It’s very noisy when you stay at the beach…that’s a terrible option for a light sleeper.  But not an issue if you can basically sleep like a log and not wake up even if it’s World Cup Finals! *ahem*

The Food

Some of the food that we ended up having to eat.  Some people say Pantai Cenang has a lot of options and it shouldn’t be a problem.  True.  The options are a plenty; just overly tourist-y and really not worth the money!

Little Mexican Cafe.  I had the Beef Fajitas and Bibs had the Tuna & Cheese sandwich.  Beef smelt really good (we were really hungry) but tasted bland.  I was only given 1 thin slice of Fajitas and I had to order another one.  Guacamole was a major disappointment and they served mayonnaise instead of sour cream.  Not so Mexican after all eh?  Ice Lemon Tea, not bad but small.  Latte, too milky and lack the caffe.  Total damage = MYR 70++

Chili + Tobasco sauce makes a good combination.

Late night dinper (dinner+supper) – we settled for Ramli burger after the whole day of splurging and pampering.  Still, the bill came up to MYR11 for 2 burgers and 2 cups of diluted Ice Milo.  Cut throat or what??

Die die also must check out The Loaf – the bakery opened by ex-PM. Heard a lot about it and just had to see it for myself.  Table cloths and chair covers were torn.  Interior poorly maintained.  Tables poorly set up.  Books and stuffs were just scattered around.  Flies….Unless that’s what ex-PM wants us to experience from his favorite breakfast..

Healthy drinks – mine was orange+apple+ginger+cucumber.  Bibs was carrot+orange+something else..

Very limited spread of pastries.  Mostly danish and some flies for deco

Asparagus+Broccoli soup (MYR 18).  Very good.  I ordered it without the bread.  Barely a bowl in portion..

Bistro Cheeseburger (MYR 38) – very good.  Bibs’ feedback, “Bench marked with Chillis, this is very close”..

Presto Pesto Fettucine (MYR 26) – Very interesting and refreshing taste when you first have it.  The zucchini makes the dish very light despite the cheese and refreshing taste.  But it gets a tad too soury as you progress further..

You can also sign up for the DIY tea session where you can bake your own cheese cake or pastries and eat your own creation over tea.

Overall, my personal opinion…for a total damage of MYR110++, this is not really worth the price but if you are curious, then it’s OK 🙂

There used to be a famous Thai food in between the mangrove swamp but it was closed down because of hygiene & health reasons.  Mosquito infestation apparently.  Now, Wan Thai is THE Thai food at Kuah Town with very authentic settings and some Thai descendant waiters too..

The tomyam was really good! Probably the only thing that is nice…

The otak otak has a generous serving of seafood and overflowing of egg shreds. Very strong basil taste.

Fish was totally not up to my liking.  Wasn’t as fresh as I had imagined it to and the supposed Thai-sour-spicy style was just completely out of the description.  Too much fish sauce to begin with.. Bibs had to finish the dish mostly by himself >.<

Food in Kuah Town is definitely much cheaper.  Total for dinner was about MYR78+.

Final breakfast before we head off for sunbathing.  Breakfast of chicken rice, (MYR5) wantan mee (MYR 5) and local coffee cost us RM14!  Crazy pricing!

Perdana Quay @ Pantai Kok

Basically surroundings of The Loaf

Mount Machincang @ Cable Car

Mykad holders gets 50% discount.  We paid MYR30 for both.

Complete view of the curved hanging bridge (125m).  I swear the steel bars and planks were getting rusty..

Took this with 1 hand on the rail and both legs shaking. Not too bad for a shot…. *faint*Just for the record, throughout this trip, I had major air sick, car sick and cable car sick.  Puked big time when I came down… I’m sorry, I polluted the island 😦

Langkawi International Airport

Bibs described my excitement when I saw the green logo – “SIAO!”… Yea…maybe I was…but I couldn’t help it!


I think the trip was one of the most relaxing and carefree trip we have made so far.  Partly also because I haven’t had any time to plan for it and we were mentally prepared to just go with whatever that comes along the way.  Hiring a car is a must unless you intend to stay at the hotel or at Pantai Cenang all the time.  Kuah Town has more options for Duty Free products.  Spa & massage options are plenty around Pantai Cenang but definitely not cheap.  Tanjung Ru is a one area that we did not get to explore and I heard it’s great.  That would be for future exploration.  If you are not interested in any tourist spots (we weren’t) and you just want to chill & really emerge in absolute luxury and pampering; stay in one of the 4 or 5 stars hotels.  They look really REALLY good….

That’s all about the Eagle island… 🙂


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