R.I.P Ethan

Exactly 3 months ago, I blogged that Ethan is alive & healthy after the surgery in Kuantan to have the display chip fixed (so I assumed).  Clearly what seemed like hope for me (or us) did not last too long (does hope always have to be that way?).  2 months after Ethan returned, he was already starting to give me problems.  The display can suddenly turn pitch black and Ethan appears to go into some sort of sleep mode.  All keys may still function while he goes to sleep.  Pressing on the power button only wakes him up without any display whatsoever.  Most of time, I will have to force power down the poor fler…

This went on for almost a month.  It became more and more frequent where Ethan will suddenly snap out and it became harder and harder to try to get him back up.  2 weeks ago, when I have to work almost round the clock, 7 days a week; suddenly Ethan just gave way.  There was just no way I could bring him back up at all.  He has been in that condition since…. *heart breaks*

I have been using Queen’s machine since.  Thankful for the spare indeed.  Today, with a wishful heart (as always), I tried to power up Ethan.  As we can all guessed, he was lying there in coma with his heart beating and some brain activities but absolutely no display.  I think it’s time to get the surgeons to unplug the tubes….. I’m sorry honey.  I have waited long enough….

I have a whole bunch of data still inside there and I’m really anxious to get them out.  Those are solid memories.  Good thing is I have been backup-ing the data of late cos I sensed this was happening; just didn’t expect it to happen so soon. But the recent files are all trapped in there. Gonna need to find a spare external HDD casing to fit the HDD in so that I can still access the info.

Time to shop for a replacement.  Still struggling between a notebook or a desktop.  Initial plans about the desktop may not be valid anymore.  Will have to start looking into my financial stats before jumping into a big decision. I seem to be making wrong decisions all my life! *Urk*

God, please send me the right one…

For now…. Goodbye Ethan.

Update: It’s good to have an ex-“Hell” Tech Support living under the same roof as moi. Somehow DarkChoc managed to dissect Ethan this evening, took out disconnect some wires and took out some boards & put them back in again.  Now I’m able to boot Ethan up.  But I don’t know how long this will last.  I’m too tired now to meddle with it. Let’s hope it’ll still be fine tomorrow for me to copy out all the data.


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