Uruguay lost! 2-3!! I woke up early today and was hoping to find a desired result but alas! 😦 Oh well…now I’m getting worried about tonight’s game.  Would the Germs make it? *gulp*

It’s been a long while since I get up in the morning voluntarily. I usually have problems sleeping which  make it very difficult to peel myself off the bed. 5.49AM. I was wide awake thinking of what I dreamt of during the night.  Being a pig that I am, I started thinking of food; the only thing that could possibly motivate me to leave my bed.  So…here I am;  maggi it is! A nice bowl of maggi cooked in mum’s leftover soup *bliss* Slurping away…

So glad to have had a day off yesterday.  Technically, it was neither a sick leave nor an annual leave.  I didn’t go to the docs (don’t like meds…or antibiotics!) and I worked quite a fair bit from home too.  Even had to set my Office Communicator to “Away” to avoid some people (hah!).  But I had some good stretch of sleep :)  Much needed indeed.  After the whole month of war, a few of us is down.  It’s time to sneak in a break.  I even refrained (more like fear) myself from checking my emails last night.  I know I won’t have peace if I see the kind of nonsense, that could possibly happen, happening at work!

Time to finish up my awesome breakfast! Meeting begins in 45 mins..



Update: After downing what I thought was awesome breakfast… I’m feeling extremely sick… :-S


2 thoughts on “Aiiiyaaakkk!!

    • LOLx. Nah.. just thought the name is cool. LOLx 😛 It’s the last South American team left on board… gotta give them the moral support 😛

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