My tail hurts

I’m not kidding.  I know this may sound funny when you read it; especially coming from a self-proclaim pig.  But I’m serious.  My tail is hurting quite a fair bit.

I noticed this bruisey-pain coming from my coccyx over the weekend.  Now that I’m getting an itchy throat cough, each time I cough, the “jerk” triggers a momentum down my spine and will ignite the pain at my tail.  It’s not excruciating; just not comfortable.  It’s like someone pressing on your bruised spot each time you cough.  Not fun right?

I Google-d on tail bone pain and actually landed on this site entirely dedicated for tail bone pain; a.k.a. Coccydynia. Sounds cool eh? I’m pretty sure my tail is not going through some dislocation or going thru any traumatic experience…no one step on it for sure 😛 I suppose it must be the long straining hours of being cooped up at my seat over the past weeks especially last weekend.  Too much tension traveling down my neck to my shoulders and pretty much went straight down to the widest part of my body…the Pelvic! I guess my tail got it worse 😦 Sorry pig-tail.

Guess I just have to be more conscious of my sitting posture; alleviating some body weight off the pelvic by sitting up straight but not tensing my poor shoulders.  Doin that right now..makes me feel like Terminator!

Will just let the bruise wear off with time.  It usually goes off.  I always believe I have a longer tail than general people. 


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