Just thoughts..

I haven’t left work on time for a long time now.  Been clocking at least 12 hours of work everyday with very little quality rest.  I’m just thankful that I’m still able to function under such stressful and challenging time like this.  I know this is not going to end anytime soon…but who knows.. with God’s grace, I might just be able to get back to my normal cycle again soon.  Last night I finally get a solid 9 hours of sleep; like totally knock out for 9 hours flat.  Boy was I a happy pig by morning.  Even Heejuz could sense it thru my SMS this morning :)  Thank You Lord for granting me rest..

Big Bird shared a YouTube video tonight and that led to a few others that I started browsing.  Kinda make me itch to pick up an instrument again.  Been talking about this since last year but it never happened.  Cookies offered to teach me piano but I couldn’t even find the time last year and that kinda went into hibernation since.  Thought I would take up lessons again when Bibs finally decide on drums..but of cos..that didn’t work out cos he figured he just couldn’t learn an instrument (or so he thinks).  Talked about going for lessons lately…but we all know this is just not possible looking at my schedules and uncertain working hours.  I guess if I want to make time for something new, some things just have to go.  The question is… “What?”.  Beats me.  As it is, I don’t even know my plans for the 2nd half of the year.  I might be flying off for a couple of months but I don’t know if it’s happening this year or early next year.  I’m just sitting here waiting for the orders to come.  How silly.

Argh. I had better survive this season before I think of anything else.  Will let Him show me the next move before I itch for something new to play with.

But seriously….would love to be able to really learn how to play an instrument…for real.  I figured that would be my little personal space…


3 thoughts on “Just thoughts..

  1. Flying off for a couple of months… Where to?

    I might be flying off soon as well, so we might bump into each other at some random airport 😀

    • You flying out for good? Or there’s some opportunity to chase? 😉 Heading out to SJ and Toronto. That pretty much depends on $$. I’m hoping it doesn’t happen 😀

      • Probably heading to Belgium for contract work (3 months at least)… Not quite confirmed, but likely to leave before the end of July.

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