Care for a healthy snack?

I’ve been talking about my PMSy-binging habits in the last entry and loads of that in my Twits.  Floodgate finally opened but I can’t seem to get out of that cycle.  It’s scary.  I’m constantly hungry..not like I-need-food-now-or-i’ll-eat-you-alive kind of hungry.  But rather I-think-I-should-be-eating-something-now-and-therefore-I-want-to-bite kind of hungry.  It’s all happening inside my head!

Over the weekend, I wanted to stock up for my cube and thought I’ll replenish on biscuits or find something healthy.  That didn’t really turn out well. I ended up with a party pack of Cheesels (Original Cheese summore), a pack of Lays Sour Cream + Onion (sounds of choir of angels singing!)..and that’s all for the junky side 😛 I compensated my lack of discipline with this purchase 😀

Vegetable snack!! I saw it at Tesco at the Organic food corner and just thought I could help make myself feel less guilty by munching on…dead vege!

So far, I have only tasted carrots, long beans, bananas, yam, and purple potato. I have yet to reach the yellow potato (you can see the french fries looking fella at the bottom of the bottle). 

My honest feedback:

Taste – Not bad. If you insist telling me that this is vegetable as natural as it gets, I won’t believe you.  I’m very sure there’s sodium & sugar involve.  The vege mostly taste about the same except for banana and yam.  The yam still has its starchiness…which is kinda cool.

Health – Not buying the ingredient label.  It only states the vegetable and nothing else involve.  Talk about gimmicks.  They don’t even dare to print the nutrients.

Price – if i’m not wrong, i think this bottle cost me about RM14.90.  I probably won’t buy it again unless I’m really desperate for some crunchy something.  I won’t pay this price for a bottle of dried vege that doesn’t even have the dignity to print its nutrients & actual ingredients.

But for now… I shall continue to munch… *crunch crunch crunch*

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