I am in serious trouble

This week alone.. I have piled on 5lbs (and counting). I have been having heavy breakfast (that means rice + dishes) and lunch (still the usual amount despite having down a dinner portion of breakfast) and continues with late dinners thanks to the long working hours. I cannot stop binging on chips, anything salty followed by the craving to have anything sweet.  And the list goes on… I am horrifyingly chubby & round…and not to mention, I’m flat-headed officially since yesterday! *shrieks*

Dinner is at 7-ish and I just cooked up a pot of fettucine aglio olio!! and as I type..I’m already half way through.  And in case I haven’t mentioned…I also down half a packet of Cheesels while watching HOUSE.  O-M-G.

Stress.  PMS. That’s the two main culprit. But still. I don’t think it calls for such terrible treatment to my poor body….or does it?

Cleaning up my pasta now…


3 thoughts on “I am in serious trouble

  1. Chips?? I thought u didn’t like chips… 😛

    Ah, PMS… well, I will repeat what u said to me once upon a time, “No worries…after your period comes, no more cravings…and everything will deflate…” 😛 *Huggggggs*

    • Erm..my style of Aglio leh…definitely does not match up to Dome (pretty sure about that) 😛 I like the one at El Mondo though. It’s lovely..and the one at Eighteen. Oh boy. I’m hungry all over again 😀

      After release+2 weeks… we are sooooo gonna need to go away.. i’m not kidding!

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