Lost in timezone

I’ve been working round the clock these days that whenever I logged into work and folks in the States see me online; the first question that pops up would be “Are you in US or PN?”  While I definitely don’t mind going on a vacation to the US, I definitely don’t want to be there at this point working, nor am I proud to say I’m in PN but I’m still straining my eyeballs to stay awake!

Today happens to be the only day I’m back home before 10 and I am not suppose to be working late.  If not for the system downtime, I won’t have to stay up to catch the folks at the other end of the globe to find out how to get things done. 

Had been so tired for the past few days that my eyes are constantly tearing because of the long hours of staring at the monitor.  Thought I would knock out flat just now and get up only at 12 to work.  Disappointingly, I could only nap for 30 mins and was woken up by some knocking noise. Ended up with racing heartbeats (happens when I wake up startled) and profuse sweating (in an AC-ed room!) *sigh* There goes my sleep…




Done with work now.  Guess I’ll go make myself a cup of Milo and probably catch a drama or two before heading to bed…


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