What’s your size?

I’ve heard of this product for quite a while over the radio but never quite check it out until yesterday when I saw it at the SaSa’s shop! Bibs and I sure had a good laugh over it…but I remain hopeful..

Obviously this sounds too good to be true right? Although the “F-cup” is just a name and not a measuring benchmark as to where your asset will size-up to, this still doesn’t quite make sense.  It’s really famous in Japan and they even have this F-cup Tea I think.  Upon studying the ingredient, it says there’s this dunno-what-herb and some swelling agents in there.  Fine about that herb part (I can’t argue since I’m no expert) but swelling agents?? Bibs & I were discussing on whether the agents know where and what to swell?!! Imagine you consume the cookie and suddenly you notice yourself sizing up everywhere! *gasp* Nightmare! LOLx.  And you are only to eat 2 cookies a day with plenty of water…and for better result…take up to 4 boxes of it.  Gosh.. how long will your assets remain looking like soaked cookie?? 😛 Comes in different flavor too.. Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry..

Bibs then wanted to ask the promoter what will happen if he takes it.  I replied jokingly….

“I think the promoter will have to tell you.. “Mr, we only sell F-cup cookie now.  We have yet to release G-cup cookie”

LOLx.  Get the joke? Hmm.. I hope! LOLx

18 thoughts on “What’s your size?

    • Ya..it’s like 160 i think a box.. imagine having to take 4 boxes. But scientifically is it possible to have localize swelling? 😛 It kinda acts as a diet food cos the cookie will expand and makes you feel full most of the time.. sounds like something I wouldn’t mind 😛 hmm… come to think of it. it makes sense. It makes you eat less so that the swelling will compensate back and you won’t notice.. :P…

  1. Now, contrary to what many of you ladies seem to think, a lot of guys don’t really care about the size of your assets 😉

    • That is so not true! While most (I’m avoiding generalizing) men may not verbalize the expectation/wishful-hope, their eyes are very often attracted to the larger items. That’s kinda unfair to claim that they “don’t really care” 😛 Look what men has made the women endure! 😛

  2. Btw, men also tend to obsess about the size of some of their body parts, thinking that the opposite sex actually cares… Any thoughts?
    Oh well, I guess when you get to a certain age you start looking beyond the obvious stuff 😀

    • LOLx! If given the option, i would suppose it matters! LOLx. At least I’m honest! And on that “age” factor…i guess you just merely “give up” looking… LOLx!!!

  3. Ever read “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus?” I guess we DO have differently wired brains after all… And you’re right, one gives up looking after a while 😀 That way you won’t be disappointed!

    • “That way you won’t be disappointed!” You mean, “that way, you won’t die disappointed”.. LOLx!!

      “Its the things in common that make relationships enjoyable, but its the little differences that make them interesting – Todd Ruthman”

  4. OK, I’ll be honest as well… I used to like big ‘assets’ when I was about your brother’s age. Since then I found there is so much more to women!
    So… Go for older guys, they’ll appreciate you for who you are, without necessarily looking south of your eyes.
    And on the other discussion item, size may not increase with age, but technique does 😀

    • ROTFLMAO! U are refreshing on my comments to get my replies!! 😛 Fast! Great. Now I have more than enough reasons to leave my same-age-partner and opt for an antique with the hope that the antique has toughen up throughout the aging process! LOLx

  5. Actually he is kinda right. A know a few men who dont care of how big your assets are… 😛 They see the inner you, your inner beauty! 😀

  6. Hehehe.. I didn’t say anything about cookies… 😛 I just have to voice my opinion that he is right! 😛 Cos end of the day… the size doesn’t matter…… 😀

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