Who is this?

Something real farnee just happened….!

Just finished doing the dishes and walked into the hall.  TV was blaring with a guy speaking…

Man: ……..beta…….bangga……..bla…bla… (cannot remember what he was saying)

OCR: Who is this guy? (curious cos he used the royalty word)

Bibs: *giving me that you must be joking look*

Bibs: Your Ah Gong la!

OCR: *gasp* You’re kidding!! OMG! I have never seen him before!

OCR: How come he’s so young wan..!! *LOLx and completely embarrassed with myself*

A good 15 minutes later…

Man: …….*still talking non-stop*…*reading the script with squinted eyes* (expression-less)

Bibs busy in the study room burning a CD

OCR: Be ar Be….why is he talking non-stop suddenly? (thought something bad happened you see…)

Bibs: *starting to regret having anything to do with me*

Bibs: Cos tomorrow is his birthday la!!!

OCR: *Burst out in complete laughter*!!!!!!!!!

OMG. I cannot believe how hopeless I am.  All I know is I’m getting a holiday tomorrow and I don’t even care why!! Worse when I don’t even know who he is!! LOLx.  Tragic man..tragic!! 😛

Oh well… Happy Birthday Ah Gong!

(Although it’s technically not even your real b’day.. >.<)


3 thoughts on “Who is this?

    • Yea yea..judge me now 😛 Blame it on the highly photoshopped photos of him la. The posters and his real face dont look the same ok!!! and just for the record, this is the 1st time I’ve ever felt so hopelessly stupid…politically ignorant! 😛

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