Across the globe

I haven’t had much sleep since Friday.  Been really struggling to find rest; my body is going all cranky on me.  Hence the major exhaustion today.  Tonight’s dinner with me boss was totally unplanned for.  I was heading out of work hoping to get home safely without falling asleep behind my wheel.  But *poof*, suddenly I find myself heading for dinner with him instead.  While I struggle to stay focus on the conversations…I was also struggling to think of a good place for dinner.

Since we didn’t really get to see the night-side of the island last night, I thought going to town was a good idea.  While it was still early, we headed to the Esplanade to take some pictures.  Conversations did not seize right from office ground until we headed to dinner place.

You know what they say about things happening when you least expect it to? From a dinner that I was completely caught off guard to conversations that were totally heart to heart; I must admit, I feel like I just lifted tonnes of heavyweight off my chest this evening.  I have not had such honest sharing with anyone in my workplace (peer or mgmt) in the past 7 years.  At some points I recognized that the things that I shared or pointed out could easily be career suicide.  But somehow that rebellious part of me just wanted to get it all out.  I am most thankful for that equal honest & open conversations that he had with me.  Sharing from very personal level to professional level.  I just cannot express how all that had made a huge difference – it just felt like I got to know this person and this corporation in a whole new level.

I really appreciate everything that was said tonight. I know many things won’t happen overnight just because of the little pep talk or inspirational sharing; but it feels good to that I’m on the same page with him and that someone across the globe today actually knows me more than just a subordinate

I’m happy.  I really am. Thank God for this little surprise quality time today.

I got home, crashed for an hour.  Complete shut down. And now I’m up for meeting again. Hah! It’s back to reality….but with a bit of icing now… 🙂

Sweet dreams now. May your week be a pleasant and rewarding one.

Good night.


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