Mega full

Just got back 45 mins ago after taking me boss out for dinner with Bibs and TCBoy.  Because of my pack sched this weekend, I’m so glad & thankful that TCBoy volunteered to take me boss around PG despite him not being very familiar with most of the places on the island.  At least my boss gets to see the island before the work begins 🙂

Boss is a vegetarian.  Kinda challenging to think of places to eat.  (If you have any ideas/recommendations, let me know ya!) So I thought I’ll be less adventurous tonight (long weekend..wouldn’t want to test my brains :P), and we headed to Woodlands Restaurant at Market Street for some South Indian food.  It was kinda funny.  I knew my boss (Indian) would be useful there cos he can help do the orders 😛 And true enough, I think the people there thought we (the 3 of us) were “tourists” while he (my boss) was the host! 😛

Ordered some dishes…talked a lot.  Good thing about my Asian bosses…they really don’t put work on the table when it’s off office hours. Alleluia!  On the way back to the hotel, we showed him some parts of town and discussed the differences between India vs US vs European countries vs M’sia vs China.  Interesting!

Now, I’m so mega full…not because I ate a lot.  But because I’ve been having problems digesting food for the last couple of days already.  Thought the cider will help a little this afternoon.  But I guess I’m going to need a lot more cider to make things work.

I dread work tomorrow because now I have to go figure things out from the pile of mess that I left behind on Friday. GHM!

Need to hit the sack now. Couldn’t sleep well this afternoon – cos there was a huge snoring pig next to me & I was also (still) struggling to figure out where did the 3 CDs go! 😦

Good night now.


P/s: I got a fully autographed flyer from Juwita, Liang & Flippin’ Pages! *yahoooo*  Too bad no pic with them 😦


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