Last night..

Despite all the tiredness and mega sweatiness….The one particular moment that I was happiest;


In the midst of the noise out there and we were waiting for the right queue

Bassist: Are you studying in UK or US?

*You = me la*

Too noisy…no one responded..

Guitarist: So, are you still studying or working?

*mega grin in my heart already*

But still shy-ly responded

Me: No la…working dy 😛



Can’t blame me for being so pathetic. It’s a rare (almost extinct) opportunity for anyone to even think I’m young at age (or rather look young at age). I guess it’s the darkness at back stage…!

Nevermind. I happy.

*looking for polka dot mini-skirt to wear* (who am I kidding, I don’t even own a skirt!)


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