Thank God Friday Is Over.

My idea of a Friday is definitely not like the one I had today.  Of my 4 years working in the 2nd “workplace”, I have never had such a difficult time seeking understanding and compromise from my fellow peers; particularly those with authority.  I thought I would never be put in such position “here”.  Guess I’m wrong.  Since the recent change, I had been struggling to adjust to a lot of things.  When I get so busy, I kinda manage to pull through every week being very distracted with my heavy schedule and lotsa other things that are happening.  If not for this incident, I wouldn’t have been startled from my “daze” and brought back to reality to face the ugly truth that I had miraculously avoided for the past 2 months.

So exhausted. So frustrated.  The bouts of anger and disappointment kept hitting the top of my head; my hands were shaking from the emotional surge even after I arrived home in the evening.  I knew I had to say a big, loud prayer.  I needed to stop all those unnecessary emotional outburst.  It’s just work. 

Thankfully tonight’s workshop with Juwita had me tickled in so many ways.  Definitely a very rewarding time with her and other fellow comrades.  I wished I had more energy to spare tonight.  Some parts of me were just stuck at the evening event.

Just logged off work.   Responded to some emails and I could only ask that the Lord help to take charge of the situation. Help me control my emotion (particularly the anger) and really help to instill the rightful wisdom for those involved.  Someone, (whoever that is), just has got to be rational & logical. 

I shall find rest in Him. A very long day tomorrow.

Honestly…. I can’t wait for the weekend to end.  No; correction.  I can’t wait for May to end.

Good night.


3 thoughts on “TGFIO

  1. One who smiles rather than anger is always stronger.

    I ter-read this line again after a long long time.

    God bless. 🙂

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