Goodbye Twenty-Eight

I had been dreading May 3 since I realized I was inching much closer to the big 3-0 than I initially thought I would.  But I must say..this is probably one of the bestest B’day in years!

My b’day celebration started off with a pleasant surprise during the last day of WTR2010 where Bibs brought in a cake for me 😀 Although I caught sight of the cake when he came into the conference room with it, I was still very surprise to see what cake was inside! No one knew about me & the Poppy Seed cake except for Meekoo! When i saw the little “black spots” all over the cake (which has a cutey piggy figurine sitting on top of it), I just had this big hunch the whole surprise has got to be Meekoo’s planning! But of cos, later I confirmed that it was Bib’s idea but knowing him…he needed Meekoo’s help on all the planning 😀 Thanks to her, Big Bird & of cos Bibs…I was actually very touched by the whole arrangement and having everyone sing me the B’day song…TWICE! 😛 Kinda awkward…but kewl! *Photos not available yet….*

On Sunday night, we had a family dinner to celebrate my sister’s b’day.  She’s just 1 day ahead of me :)  Dinner with the entire family was great…and it was even more memorable & meaningful when the whole family went out for a late night movie 😀 This is really rare..almost close to never.  The movie started on my sis’s b’day..and ended on my b’day 😀 How kewl is that? 😛 Oh…forgot to mention..we had a cute-mini-ice cream cake for dinner specially chosen for my sis 😛

This morning, none of us could get out of bed early.  We were so tired after our late night movie that we had to settle for a late breakfast with Granny.  Thankfully, my mum didn’t have to work (very rare too!) and all of us could go for our family-breakfast-routine…YUM CHA! 😛 But the weather was so hot that we didn’t really enjoy the heat throughout.  After breakfast, we popped by the jewelry shop and did some shopping for my couz’s wedding gift.  Then we proceeded for lunch which we initially thought we’ll go for The Sire..but ended up at Isaribi Tei for Jap.  Good lunch and especially great when we had 4 different flavors of ice cream to wrap up the meal *slurps* Did I mentioned I actually put on weight after the whole weekend of eating?! 

This year, Bibs planned so many things for my b’day that I’m so utterly touched and impressed! I have known him for almost 4 years and he has either forgotten important dates or he just never believed in splurging for anything…(even if it means I REALLY WANT IT and I would totally be exhilarated if he could just do something nice!)… When he told me we were going to watch Ip Man on my b’day, I got to know that he actually went all the way to the cinema to queue up and collected our tickets before WTR on Friday!  He endured the jam…and then waited for our tickets just so that we could watch a movie :)  But of cos, that didn’t turn out as planned cos my bro actually bought tickets for us to watch the same movie on Saturday evening 😛

Then, Bibs surprise me again today when he drove out after lunch and reappeared with a bouquet of flowers! *touched* He has NEVER bought me a bouquet on his own..!! So, obviously I was grinning from ear to ear and completely melted deep inside 😀 *teehee*

The day continued with lotsa of shopping with Bibs and my parents while my sis accompanied my granny for the movie (taking over the tickets that Bibs originally bought for us).  While my mum was on a big shopping spree…we were roaming around and popping in and out of different shops.  This doesn’t happen very often.  Having the entire afternoon dedicated to my shopping needs..that was indeed a privilege 😀 And Bibs channeled all his energy to keep up with the amount of walking and looking for a gift for me *grins* Turned out, I did not settle with just ONE gift… *LOLx*……I bought 3 pairs of shoes!!! Muahahaha… and Bibs paid for all of them 😀

Now that i look at my purchase….my attempt of introducing colors to my wardrobe is once again *roll eyes* But I love my new shoes especially Bibs spotted a great steal on the Hush Puppy shoe! And guess what? My mum actually bought us (me & sis) a gift each!! Woo hoo!! That’s also very unusual cos my parents don’t usually do that…it has never really been a tradition in our family… (we were often in tight budget).

I guess turning 29 is after all not as bad :)  I am truly very very happy today.  Not just because of the number of SMSes, phone calls, emails, FB posts or e-cards that I received…but also because of the quality time that I actually get with my family and Bibs; all together in one go! That’s really precious :)  I really miss spending time with my family and knowing that Bibs enjoyed the time together with all of us really made this the bestest b’day ever.  From morning till evening, we were just together as 1 big family.  Granny even cooked dinner for me and we all wrapped up the evening having coffee at our favorite spot 😉

One word… AWESOME!

Thank you all for the B’day wishes.  Thank you for making my farewell with the big Twenty-Eight less miserable and making my Twenty-Nine so much easier to embrace.. LOLx!



5 thoughts on “Goodbye Twenty-Eight

  1. Hi Girl, Blessed Birthday and I am so happy to know that you had a great time with your love ones.
    Your pressie is still at my place 😛 and hoping to hand over to you soonest.

    Looking forward to see you but I might need to adjust some dates. Sorry as last min thing pop up!
    Hear from you!

    • Hehehe.. it’s OK. I have come to a conclusion that as I age, my friends age with me. Most of them forgot 😛 Thanks for the wishes! 🙂

  2. Hey, I’m over a decade ahead, don’t expect too much! Can’t even remember what nasi kandar tastes like any more 😦

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