The Time Traveler’s Wife

I finally watched the movie.   I cannot believe how long I’ve dragged this.  But I’m so glad I watched it.  The Time Traveler’s Wife.  I love all these romantic, mega sad movies (like you don’t already know!) 😛

If you don’t mind the slowness of the movie, it’s really a nice one.  It’s about this guy who has a genetic disorder that enables him to travel through time.  But the trick is, it can happen anytime, anywhere…and he has utterly no control over it.  Definitely not the kind of super power that I would want to have for sure.  So, the story talks about this amazing love story between this time traveler and his gf/wife.  It’s just great to see that kind of undying love that surpasses what time can do against it.  Pretty cool.

I guess it doesn’t help when I’m such a sucker for sappy romantic stories! 😛 To top it up, Bibs is away and I’m already feelin the emptiness! Urk! *smack on my fat cheeks*  Anyways, watch it if it’s your kind of movie 🙂

I just can’t wait for Bibs to come back tomorrow.  He’s only away for 1.5 days and I’m already bored to death! I truly wonder if it’s a good sign or not! Eeek…. I might just change my mind tomorrow tho… LOLx.

Good night now…. 🙂

P/s: I like the soundtrack too!


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