Raining elephants and hippos…

Sitting right next to the balcony where the wind is strongest….I can hear the fast flowing water beneath…I guess the drain must be full to the brim now.  The God-sent evening shower is definitely what we need now.  It’s been so hot.  I’m feeling all sticky wicky now but I’m still reluctant to go take my shower.  Gonna enjoy this breezy moment while it lasts.. The rain has slowed down already and the balcony is slowly drying up.  Good thing I took the clothes in…or else…..

Bibs has “collapsed” in bed.  The poor fella spent at least 5 hours in total just travel by flight from PG—KL—KUA and KUA—KL—PG.  It’s sufficient for me to travel to HK and start shopping! The last round he went back..he wasn’t too well verse with the transits and bought tickets that ended up took 8 hours just to get home.  Ridiculous rite? Definitely “Everyone can fly.. if you have all the time in the world…

I’m now finally using Ethan to blog.  He’s finally home to be with mummy! So happy 😀 Although the system is a little slower than I remembered it to be… but I guess this is the best I can ask for already :)  Next…I’m not sure if I should get a new battery cos the one I’m having is really reaching its life cycle…

BTW, I’ve always felt something is amiss in my internet addiction.  How can I be so hook on to technology but yet never really bought things off the internet?? Doesn’t sound right…RIGHT?? There are so many online shops now and I don’t seem to be catching up with the trend.  Why is that I’m still restricted by my immobility or lack of time to go out? 😛

I saw these today online….I’m so tempted although I know 500% that I won’t be needing all (or even close to 80% of them)… but I’ve been wanting this from CoastalScents since last year…

Now, it’s available from this local site and it’s just RM80 (excluding postage).  But I can’t decide if I should take this one instead?

Comes with 6 blusher colors… SIX! Madness 😛

Anyways, if you want this too, it’s available Sensual-Touche.  Click on the palletes above .  All images taken from the site.

Gonna go attend to the Giant who has just woken up… *tee hee*.  Have a good Sunday evening…or whatever’s left of your weekend. 


With love & lotsa lard,



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