Ethan coming back

It’s been 1 whole trimester since Ethan’s body has been transported to another state to get a transplant.  Till date, I still don’t really know what has been fixed in him.  Nevermind about the details… all I know is, it’s a way cheaper option to get Ethan back! 😀

I’ve been living on LKuan’s lappie for the past 3 months.  His machine is of the same model but slightly different built.  Thankful for his machine..I’m able to function as normal with Ethan’s brain plugged into him 😀 Yippee.

Bibs is now back home to pick up Ethan’s body and reunite the brain with its remaining organs!! *tee hee*  I helped pack up my temporary “Ethan” so that we can do a safe transportation-exchanged 😀  Can’t wait now to see Ethan again.  I just hope there isn’t any post-surgery syndrome or side effects :-S  I just miss my super good monitor!

At the mo… I have lapnapped Bib’s machine!! *evil laugh*

Sorry for the super lame post.  I’m just bored…..cos all my supposed appointment didn’t turn out 😦 And I’ve been up super early too.  Bummers! Gonna head back to my drama…and laundry.


Right after posting this… Bibs’s SMS arrived saying, “Ethan is healthy and alive!! Woo hoo!!”. YEY!!


2 thoughts on “Ethan coming back

    • Haha… yup! Thought I could use a company running errands ma. But too bad, all bad timing.

      “Its the things in common that make relationships enjoyable, but its the little differences that make them interesting – Todd Ruthman”

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