Very tempted!

Now that I’m almost over the temptation of getting new phone(s)…I’m itching for a new portable toy.  I know it’s an utter luxury and I can totally live without it.  But the thought of having something so portable is just sooooo tempting… 😦

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Sony TX-7.  The new upgraded version of TX-1.  And I thought TX-1 was good enough (impressive low light shots) but this new upgrade is even more tempting.  Improved iSweep Panorama, 10.2MP with full 10fps, higher resolution video mode and it’s a wide angle P&S.  And I like the fact that it supports SD-card instead of Sony’s favorite Memory Stick! (who in this era still uses Memory Stick!!).

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This baby is selling at about RM14XX now and TX-1 (which is technically obsolete-ing) is selling at RM12XX.  It’s a tough competition.  I personally love TX-1 body & build.  It’s much more sleek and solid compared to TX-7 (that’s like the only downside!!).  You’ll notice the slider is very different and somehow TX-7 looks chunkier too.  Bibs just bought 1 TX-1 for his sister.  She specifically wanted TX-1 and not a TX-7.  I guess the love for TX-1 will go on until the very last unit…

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I’m also attracted to Lumix but….nvm…. just itching.  I need to get the antidote for my “rash” and I’ll lay off the temptation soon.


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