It’s MINE!

Muahahahaha…I bought it! 😛

RM60 for this fler.  By far the most expensive lash curler I’ve ever bought in my life 😛 Well..technically this is just the 2nd one I’ve ever bought :P  I just tried it out to see what’s all the big hoo-haa about.  Well…my honest feedback; it’s not really that great.  But I must say it is a very clever design.  The slant and the curve is really thoughtful.  I just wish the curling “pressure” is better though.  Anyways, I’m happy with it 😀 Kekekekeke


Oh…and I saw this little “booth” at the Cosmetic section and was just curious since it’s all about “acne scar”.  As most of you know, I had a bad experience and endured the post effect of skin allergy for the entire of 2007 (which lasted till like…forever… :()  So, I’ve been hoping to find a real solution to my skin problem.  Thus, I went to check it out and asked for a sample.  If you have ever heard or tried this before…do let me know ya 😀 Bibs is very skeptical about it and warned me to be very careful.  So, GBM! 😛


Must sleep nao. Nite nite 😀


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