Living up to the name of…

Complete Randomness! 😀 Haven’t been posting much..realized I have some photos taken from random events.  Just thought I’ll put them up…randomly 😀 In no particular order… (some can be dated monthsss…. back)


Percy Pig Collection

I currently have 3 candies from Percy Pig and recently finished the organic biscuit 😀 Different people actually bought me Percy Pig collection of yummies on different occasions.  But the problem is, Percy Pig products in Marks & Spencer have very short shelf life.  Most of the goodies that I received would have expired within a week or two.  But good thing is, they are candies…so, technically candies won’t get spoilt but prolly just don’t taste the same 😀 Hehe..

BTW, the biscuit is not exactly that tasty :P  Just cutey…that’s all 😛


Easter Cookie

Easter just went by.  Ever since DarkChoc started working in Hell, he has been getting loads of goodies from work.  Almost every other day, he gets really nice stuffs ranging from Haagen Dazs ice cream, Baskin Robbins, McD muffins for breakfast, Subway for lunch, Coffee Bean muffins or coffee, Starbucks coffee..and much much more! On the Easter week, each of them received a box of lovely Easter Cookies especially ordered and delivered from a Bakery in KL.  He took two home and there was just excessive of cookies in my house.  Good thing I gave away most of mine to some Youths in church and some friends at work.  I know for sure I wouldn’t sink my fangs on these cuties..


New Book and a Book Gift!

CG started a new book recently.  Every chapter has about 15 pages.  Being an extremely slow reader…15 pages can really take a very long time 😛 But so far, I’ve been enjoying the stories.  Not difficult to read although may require some thinking & digestion.  A few weeks back, LC gave me a book; a very pleasant surprise indeed 😀 And guess what…the book is purple! 😛 I haven’t the time to get to the book yet.  As mentioned…slow reader… Kekeke



Lyshia has been moved out of her cube…involuntarily.. :(  It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve been cube-bour-less.  Very lonely…very quiet.  To the extent..nobody comes by my area at all unless utterly necessary to look for the pig herself.  All these while, it has always been her visitors that I get some signs of life & decibels from… *sigh* I miss my cube-bour…


Hatyai trip

Super belated I know.  The trip was in January and I barely even the chance to look at the pics.  Just mouse-picked a few…especially on the food part.  Kinda missed the yummilicious food dy…

Check out the amount of PORK we had 😛 The bottom right corner is my favorite dish.  It’s some spicy balitung cooked in dunno-what-kinda-leaf.  I know I’m not very resourceful here..but it’s really good.  Very spicy but totally awesome!

The Klonghae Floating Market in Tambon Klonghae opened not too long ago.  We haven’t been there before and hence made a point to visit the place.  Very crowded indeed.  The 1st stall that caught our attention was the buggy stall! No way would I let those creatures get into my tummy.  But Bibs enjoyed his afternoon snack quite a bit. Yuck!

The floating market is very different the one in Bangkok (so I was told…I haven’t been there before myself).  Here, the boats are all docked and the merchants will sell food from the boat itself.  Very colorful…very flavorful.  But we were later told that the place is extremely dirty because the merchants do all the cleaning (including themselves) at the river.  You can imagine the details.. 😛


Echoes of Rainbow 歲月神偷

Thanks to Jup, I know about this movie.  Bibs and I was planning the entire week to watch this movie tonight.  Tickets were booked…and we were all set to get out of work on time to spend the night weeping our eyeballs out (ok..he insisted he will not cry at all).  Unfortunately, Bibs fell sick…and we have to cancel our plans 😦

Anyways, you check out the trailer if you want to know more.


Have a good weekend! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Living up to the name of…

  1. I have watched the movie on behalf of you. Not sure didn’t cry much while watching it. Probably used up my tears quota. The movie rather in slow pace, but nice. 🙂

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