Procrastination kills

Kids, learn this at your early age.  You’ll be surprise how handy it is to be procrastinate-proof when you grow up!

I have a lot to do (but yet I’m blogging!).  I am getting overly anxious.  I am suffering from acute-multi-tasking.  Trying to focus on one thing but somehow my brain keeps flicking and the next thing I know, another window is open or another file is opened; and I’m tempted to look into it instead! Not good.  I’m going to write down my to-do list. That’s going to help. I’m sure.

  • Start content creation for QIS
  • File SPR and close ADoQs
  • Email to RY to get some answers
  • Read & reply Small Bird
  • Compile minutes
  • File income tax
  • Prepare for IBS discussion

*breathe in… breathe out..*



2 thoughts on “Procrastination kills

    • Haha! I hope you have started somehow! 😀

      I know for sure I’m still stuck in the same to-do list as yesterday! -__-|||

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