Hormonal effect

It’s tough being a woman.  I think you’ve heard that way too often.  I’m serious.  It’s tough.  I’m not saying it’s easy to be a man.  Don’t start that discussion.

Women are so subjected to the effects of hormonal fluctuation.  By that, I mean we have absolutely no control over how we will feel, act, react, respond, (and more) as these will all be driven by the going-high or diving-low of our hormones.  And today…is just another of those bad times.  When it comes to that part of the year; that part of the month; that part of the week… and that particular day; you just wish you can dive into your bed and smother your face in the pillow and shut the whole darn world out.  *Arrghh!!* *SOL*

Everything just went completely wrong since I got into office.  It’s like I just dived deep into the darkest part of the ocean and I’m surrounded by piranhas! (ok…biologically and environmentally incorrect cos piranhas are not found in the deepest part of the ocean! but..u geddit rite?) Argh! I’m so frustrated with so many things and I feel like I’m so overwhelmed with emotions.  At the slightest bit of trigger..I feel like I can just burst into tears and weep my hearts out! *wails*

There’s so much to do.  How am I going to cut my brains into different sections so that they can function on their own? Perhaps another few more extra pair of hands? Urgggh *SOL*

*SOL = scream out loud


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