Guess who’s turning 2 today?!

Bibs and I agree that it felt like it was just a few months ago that we went to McD to celebrate Mocha’s 1st B’day with Aunty Cookies & Uncle Postman, Aunty Small Bird & Uncle Big Bird.

…and it’s been 365 days since!  Crazy rite?? My boy is already T-W-O years old!! He’s slowly getting out of his baby language and a little harder to discipline now.  While he has his occasional tantrum, Mocha is still a cutie little fella…very much a Marmee’s boy! *grins with mega pride*  Tonight, I asked Uncle Big Bird for permission to celebrate Mocha’s b’day after CG… but… alas! I’m stuck at work waiting for DarkChoc while also rushing off some work.  And poor Mocha is stranded at home….alone in bed 😥 How am I going to celebrate his B’day without him around?! Gosh..this is so terrible 😦 I feel so bad for him….. *sobs*

Baby darling…hang in there.  Marmee will come back and get you if Uncle DarkChoc manages to get out early…k? You go get your shower…get ready.  To the least, I’ll bring you your cake & candle for you to blow k?! *huggies* –> *feeling mega-ly guilty*


I managed to get home by 9PM, changed, wash up and dash out with Mocha!  He had his little b’day party with Aunty Tracee 😀 Woo hoo! Will have to wait for Uncle Big Bird to share his b’day photo later *all grins*

Blessed Birthday my dear!

err..Aunty Tracee… cut the cake..not me..-____-“


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