Can I ask for 36 hours?

I thought I’ll heed Meekoo’s advice and just try to sleep in for the entire Sunday afternoon.  Spent almost 2 hours in bed (since my presence is not required anyways) and….you guessed it.  I can’t sleep again! Argh! I thought I’m an afternoon napper! What’s with the lighting hearbeats? 😦 I’m forever anxious about something which I dont even know what is that thing! *grrr*

I’m now up with horrible headache and the heat is not making it any better.  I wished I hadn’t used my precious 2 hours in bed *sobs* Now I only have a mere few hours of Sunday’s day left before the rest of the weekend slips away quickly..

Ok…. almost time to go torture my quads.  Hiking time!!! GHM! *gulp*  My 6-footer & sister is coming today along with Choir-Mistress & daughters (to make me feel good).  Pressure pressure 😛

Please have a much  better Sunday than me!! Kthxbai!


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