Thank God it’s Weekend! *happy grin*

I’m actually listening to my meeting while typing this :D  It’s tricky to stay awake or even stay focus at this hour of the day.  Pans is saying we should try to schedule meetings at such ungodly hours for the US folks so they know how it feels like!  It’s bad enough when we have to do this on other weekdays; but it feels worse when you have to wake up at such hour on a weekend! *grr* But I guess it’s better than having to stay at home on Saturday morning just to dial in 😦

I’ve done some major housekeeping on my office PC today and free-ed up more than 10GB of space on each drive. Now i have to bring those data back and transfer it over to my big HDD which isn’t all that big afterall.  I dread the day I have to housekeep that fler! *gulp*

Went through some of my pic collections and found this.

This was taken in 2006 for some National Day competition, hence the flag.  Photo was taken by Andy and that’s my small oriental eye! LOLx.  The flag was not superimposed.  It is a real reflection from a small flag that I was holding.  Not a great shot, but a nice one that came from our ideas. Hehe

So, I have successfully started downloading my emails to my PC using Windows Mail.  I have at this point almost 5K of emails and I’m still in Oct 2007.  Honestly, I haven’t quite decided how to curb the 75% (and growing fast) issue in my Gmail.  Some options I’m looking at (with most some that I totally not favor)

  • Delete all the mails in Gmail after downloading them to my PC (absolutely no in favor! But it makes sense now that I have them in my PC :()
  • Deleting at least 30-40% of my existing emails (less impact than the above)
  • Create another Gmail address and forward my current ones to that one.  This may seem to work seamlessly between web emails but if anyone were to check their mails using email applications (eg: Outlook, Windows Mail, etc) they will see this string of Sent front which is really not very pleasant looking..
  • Create multiple Gmail address and kinda have emails from particular folks get forwarded to each one of the addresses.  Again, same concern from the above bullet…and it sounds silly too

I duno which I’m going to adopt.  No fun.  Plus, I have to manually plot all the contacts over to new emails.  Double no fun.

OK.  Meeting had better end soon.  My brain is going blanker and blanker.  I’m even getting creative with my English..


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