Food…food…and lots more food..

I’m already very tired…starting to feel the aches on the back and my feet.  But I just have to write a post for the sake of wrapping up my Saturday evening 😛

I’m so so SO thankful that tonight went well 🙂 We definitely had more than enough food to go around (so much so that Big Bird threatened Meekoo & me to finish off all the leftovers >.<”) and everything went smoothly too.  To the least, we ended on time.. right? *grin*

I didn’t really get to enjoy my chicken though which I thought tasted pretty good and I didn’t really get to attack the satay cos for some reasons, my side of table has much better respond than the other one 😛 So, food finishes much faster.  Not that I’m complaining of cos! Meekoo & I are proud at our food rationing skills 😛 But there was still quite an amount of food left behind.  It felt worse when we had to dispose a lot of them *eekkk* Nevermind…

Anyways, no pics of the night (yet).  Will see if I can grab any to share later :)  Hope your Saturday has been great or to the least, peaceful 🙂

Good night now. I’m going to crash…after chatting with Meekoo that is 😀

To Meekoo, thank you so much for being so stressed & detailed about every single thing.  Wouldn’t have survived tonight without your crankiness 😛

To Big Bird, thank you for holding everything together 😀 Can always count on you to fill in the “gaps” LOLx


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