WAM Appreciation Night

I have been really busy preparing for a string of events/programs for church.  So, I’m really fully booked from now until end of June! *eek* Good thing I have crazy Meekoo to help me remember things cos I am majorly forgetful –___-“ I even sent out an email invitation today without the attachment! Gosh! *embarrassed*

Look at the crazy Meekoo! She prepared all the signages dy.  She’s mad.  Trust me when I say that.  Big Bird would have tasted a lot of her crankiness by now 😛 Hehe..sneak peak!

Anyways, one more down this Saturday.  We are both praying hard that everything will turn out well and all will be happy 😀 Kekeke.  Let’s hope food is enough to feed 122 people! *blek*


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