How’s your week so far?

Mine hasn’t been all that great.  Work is cranky…maybe becos I am cranky myself.  PMS-ing big time which explains why all the love hangers are hanging much further off my pants and threatening to burst those buttons or zippers! I’m also constantly hungry but eating too much causes major indigestion; which then makes me sick.  Urgh.  No fun.

Whatever you are about to read is completely random…

I have skipped choir 3 weeks in a row already.  So guilti-fied man. I hope I don’t forget my parts by next week.  I only have 2 more practices before Easter Sunday.  I darn gung-ho! 😦 Big Bird, don’t kill me! *gulp*

My blog stats this week seems pretty high 😀 I think it’s because I get a nice link from “Toronto is My Town” *waves HI! to the author, Peggy* Didn’t expect my post on Steven Tunick would catch that many attention. I even get a comment from a random reader (possibly also channeled from “Toronto is My Town” :))

It was Queen’s b’day yesterday. Had dinner at Ocean Green.  Haven’t had the satay & the stuffed shell crab for a long time. Missed them dearly.  Too bad, tummy not well.  Just could not indulge as I wished.  But glad we all had a family dinner.

It’s my ex-boss’s b’day today. One day after Queen’s. That poor fler..44yo dy…still all alone. I can’t seem to find him a good partner 😛 Any takers? Rich, kinda-successful, very single & very available, 44yo man up for bid!! *LOLx*

I have to come to terms that iPhone and BB are not just a phone/toy. They are blood suckers.  Once you get there, you won’t be able to stop the damage in your pocket.  Trust me.

KL-Aunt coming down this weekend.  I’m quite stressed about this weekend. Queen is pulling this I’m-not-asking-but-I’m-ordering act on me.  Everything is pure top-down these days which I honestly detest! Worse when I’m PMS-ing. Now I have to go figure a way to get myself out of trouble.  She loves to make me choose between God and her plans. Urgh!!  *hateee*

Have been doing loads of housekeeping today. My Gmail has hit 94% and I’m devastated. I really don’t wanna delete emails but I had to.  No choice.  I won’t be able to go past another month.. *sobs* I managed to bring the storage down to 75%.  That’s like 19% of my past gone down Google’s drain! And I cleaned up quite an amount of redundant nonsense from my work PC too.  God knows why I’m still keeping customer designs which are 4 years old! *I hear Cookie shouting Hoarder! from the other side of the screen*

I’m waiting in my office now for my meeting at 9PM. Dunno if I still have the energy to start working on my procrastinated-tasks.  Still owe Big Bird the orientation slides.  I can’t focus this week.  Very distracted with too many things.  But Bibs promised he’ll get me a gift this weekend.  He said whatever I point at…well, T&C applies (lotsa small prints I bet).  Then again, this weekend no time *sobs*

Can’t wait for Sunday afternoon to come.  I get some freedom by then *big big happy grin*

K. Bye.

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