Nightmare in office

I got to know of a bad news last nite from V and I managed to verify with my boss this evening before I left office.  My US boss has been demoted and will be leaving my team.  We are going to be headless chicken from now on; or so I thought.  But little did I know, the Old Fox is going to take over and we’ll be reporting to him from now on.  Crap man.

Now I feel more upset over the fact that we’ll be working with the sly one than the fact that my boss is going to be moving out of our team.  Things are really going to be very challenging.  As it is, I have to take on a lot more workload.  Plus, Giant left and SnowWhite left…we have more work than we can handle 😦 However, that doesn’t seem to affect my efficiency.  I’m still slacking! *gulp* I know i know….I feel the guilt everyday.  I just…can’t seem to get better 😦

Anyways, I really hope this org change is not a sign from God on what I’ve been praying hard on  *urk*

Oh well.  Let not the anxiety overwhelm my poor piggy soul…


Good nite people… *sniffles*


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