“The only thing constant in life is change

– François de la Rochefoucauld

I think I have mentioned this for the umpteenth times now – I Don’t Like C-H-A-N-G-E.

I adapt extremely slowly towards changes in my life (and things around it) and I am definitely not a good agent of change.  I studied about Managing Change in my MBA and I very well that I am just not one of those who could possibly be able to handle change in any possible ways.

I have been sadden by the organization change news for the past couple of days.  Now that it’s been announced (this morning), it dawned on me that I really have to do something about my inability to accept changes.  This is how the corporate world works; like it or not.  If I’m going to pause and sob over it, no one is going to stop by and offer any form of sympathy or empathy for that matter.

*pulls another piece of tissue….sniffles*

Well, at least on the bright side, no one was killed axed (yet).


God, help me to trust You.


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