Mardi Gras: The Base by Steven Tunick

Before you read on, I have to just mention: Please expect nudity shots in this post.  If you may be offended, don’t read on 🙂

I read about Steven Tunick’s work through and to be honest, I’m totally awed by the project.  Steven Tunick is known for his contemporary photography.  By contemporary, you can almost imagine work that you’ll most unlikely have seen before.  The latest project call Mardi Gras: The Base was done in Sydney on March 1, 2010 at the Sydney Opera House.  This involved 5,200 people who responded to the call for volunteers to pose nude for the project shots.  FIVE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED nude people. Holy Moly. But I’m telling you… I love the results.  As much as I know these may look so wrong, but if you admire the work as an art of photography, it’s really very beautiful.  The concept of bringing out the fact that we are all very different but yet similar is just so….impressive! Regardless of age..color..height..weight..sagging or not…hairy or silky smooth..!!

Some of my favorite shots in the Sydney collection..

Would you join?? 😀

And here are some others that Tunick worked on in other locations.  One of which were in Mexico City where over 10 thousands of people responded. Madness I tell you!

And my favorite of all, is this one which was taken at the Swiss glacier of Aletsch for the environmental campaign about global warming.  Such a mesmerizing shot and very powerful message too!

Really, I’m just thinking… if a photography/art project can call forth thousands of responses.. doesn’t it make you wonder why sometimes we can’t even make a small herd budge?

 Anyways, for the full album, view here.


4 thoughts on “Mardi Gras: The Base by Steven Tunick

    • Really?? I am wondering if I would. It’s like….kinda wrong… but yet… it’s beautiful as an art. So contradicting. I wonder what would Grace say 😛

    • Hey Roger,

      It’s great to have someone who participated in Spencer’s work to drop me a note here 🙂 Indeed I have to agree in the arts perspective, I am awed by his work. Thanks for the links. I’ll definitely check them out! 🙂 Have a great day..and if another of Spencer’s project comes up, do share about it!

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