Look who’s in the house?

It’s exciting to have a new toy to play with. But I generally take a gazillion years to figure things out. Gotta forgive me. I’m a read-the-manual-from-page-to-page kind of person 😛 But I would say I’m doing pretty OK especially after the crash course 101 from JenC 😀 LOLx. You should have seen how devastated she sounded over Gtalk when I kept asking real stupid questions! LOLx!

Oh..before you shoot me about the new toy. I have to clarify – it ain’t mine! LOLx! It’s my aunt’s. I’m just suppose to learn it and teach her (I wonder who’s teaching who?).  So, I won’t have the toy with me for long. Prolly returning it by this weekend 🙂

It’s pretty cool now…or rather it’s starting to look cool now cos I just downloaded 10 free Apps from iTunes Store last night. I’m addicted to downloading Apps. But it’s not easy to find one that is really good or fun to play with.  So, I rely on my iPhone guru – Cikgu JenC! LOLx.  Let’s see what else I can learn today..or rather tonight.

*sleepy weepy*


4 thoughts on “Look who’s in the house?

  1. Hope your 101 helps. I am here anytime. Just Ping me or twit me.
    Have fun! You are going to miss the iPhone once you return it to her.

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