Survival Plan

I hate change. If I could, I would just soak in wherever I am and rot.  I love comfort zone. I adore being constant (and predictable). But each time I’m frustrated or being tested on my patience, I’ll just burst and explode. I WANNA GET OUT!


I’m home now eating a huge bowl of rice (de-stress element), 2 fried eggs and some mini fishes.  I figured, if I wanna go jobless for the next 6 months…it shan’t be too difficult right?

Daily Expenses

Cost ($)



2 Eggs (“A” grade egg la..)


Some vege


1 Fruit (Cheap doesn’t mean unbalance diet rite?)



(round to 3.00)



So, on a daily basis (weekday only), all I need is just $2.80/day to sustain. Assuming no splurge on fast food or anything.  I could even round it up to $3.00! Who knows, I can get some goodies thrown in for additional $0.20 (maybe 1 drumstick for 2 meals!!).  1 month expenses = $3.00 x 20 = $ 60.00

Other Expenses

Cost ($)

Weekend Food


Petrol (Technically I won’t be needing this much cos I don’t own a car!)


Misc (in case I get tempted by a Choc Sundae)





That comes up to $20.00 x 4 = $80.00.  Bringing us to a grand total of $60.00 + $80.00 = $240.00/mth!

Therefore, in order for me to survive for 6 months (hopefully still alive by then), I should have a minimum of $240.00 x 6 = $1440.00


Not bad right??!!! This is possible right??




2 thoughts on “Survival Plan

  1. hahahah….this ‘self-talk’ sounds all too familiar…Remember when I was trying to plan my seminary budget?:P And u upgraded it for the eyes of the LCEC ppl to see? 😛

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