I hit the sack real early last night as my head was pounding after what I would claim to be an “over-exertion” during the evening hike up to 84 with CJ&LC and Francis.  Was woken up rudely by Bib’s phone alarm at 5.50AM and that pretty much disturbed my much needed sleep.

Let me first explain why Bib’s phone was there in my room.  Last night when we left VBB for dinner, I picked up his phone from the table since he had stepped out of the house without taking it. Thinking I’ll surprise him later by asking where’s his phone…I decided to put it into my bag.  As you would have guessed, the night went by and when I got home, the poor phone was left without his owner -___-” Hence, I had to make sure I get up on time this morning to wake Bibs up. Thank god he has a house phone!

I’m feeling this major lethargy; heavy eyelids, pounding head, both legs that feel pretty much like the elephant’s! I cannot understand why I’m feeling so darn sleepy today. Yes, I know it’s a Monday.  But technically I should be pretty excited today cos Bib’s is reporting to work in his new company.  He has been bugging me the whole weekend about it and even pester me cheekily yesterday to help iron his “school uniform” and prepare his “sandwich” for his “1st day of school”.  Cute kan? That’s Bibs when he goes cuckoo! *roll eyes* Well, I did not iron his “school uniform” nor did I prepare any “sandwich”.  But I sure took sent him off to “school” this morning after returning him his phone 😀 Hehe. That’s some sort of moral support too right? 😀 LOLx

I just brewed a nice cup of coffee for myself. I even packed a small cookie platter to keep me accompany. Which I suspect prolly won’t last past 12PM 😀 You guessed it again! I’m so gonna dunk some of them into my cuppa! LOLx.  Oh…guess what happened at office this morning? Well…I dont know what happened for real.. but I just know the entire pantry & lobby area is filled up with burnt smoky stench! I just found out someone blasted the microwave. God knows who is the culprit.  I sure hope he/she did not injure him/herself.  Prolly put the wrong material into the microwave *shake head*

I think I know partly why I’m still so sleepy.  All the major fireworks & firecrackers last night really woke me up big time. I am pretty sure those noise (and air) pollution lasted till real late! I really wished I had stayed up to watch the fireworks.  Just too bad it’s on a Sunday night and Bibs had to report to work today (which also means he cannot be late cos it’s the 1st day :P).  Oh well, another time 🙂

I must say I had one of the most splendid weekend.  It’s so so good to have Bibs home.  I miss him so so much! We had some *serious* talking over the weekend and loads of nonsense too.  Looking forward to the nice long weekend this week *grins* That’s my only motivation for now.

Gotta go back to my pile of work now.  Hope you’ll have a caffeine-filled day! Muahaha!


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