Hide & Seek

Again.. (I’m beginning to sound like a broken record)…the weather up here is so DARN hawt! Like seriously hawt beyond description. Driving around with the slightest section of your skin exposed to the sun (with or without any tint on your windows) will leave you charred within seconds.  Feels like we’re moving around in an outdoor BBQ pit…no joke. Hmm..doesn’t that make me a char-grilled pork? Crackling anyone?

One thing I’m happy in the past 2 days of holiday – I get to get up late. By late, I mean anytime before 10AM. Woo hoo! I just couldn’t care less.  I want my sleep cos it’s my deserving holiday.  Nothing out there matters to me. Which explains why my angpow collection dropped from many to 2 (yesterday) to none (today). Woo Hoo! (doh!)

Went to GP for 2.5hrs with my parents today… b-o-r-i-n-g. They kept looking at fridges…freezers…wachine machines…TVs. Basically anything that would require a while stackload of cash from your pocket if you show the slightest bit of approval in interest.  Hence, rule of thumb… HIDE! Me and GAMA-L found a nice sound room and enjoyed the whole introduction to Blu-Ray technology.  Impressive I tell you. It’s like people Photoshop-ing all your movies! 😀

Anyways, I’ve been waiting to meet Bibs online the whole entire day.  Missing him so much.  He’s been away for 8 days already.  I wanna be able to bully him (it’s love I tell you..it IS)…I wanna be able to steal his food (it’s LOVE I tell you..believe me..)… I wanna be able to go shopping with him and choose more V-day interest gifts (cos he’s giving me my gift late and thus I have the rights to charge interest :D… what did I say about LOVE again? :D).  BUT…I have to missed him coming online when I went to sleep.  BUMMERS! 😦

I’m gonna be staying over at my granny’s tonite.  Hence…the more it’s impossible to get online unless I sabo someone’s PC/MAC. Sigh.

Tomolo….have to work dy *wail out loud*………..but…….*star jump to free blasting Air Cond*

Hope you’re still alive out there.


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