What makes my CNY less painful..

That’s my aunt (not the mum) with my nephews! Tell me which family can actually withstand having such cuties in the family!! There are such amazing kids too..very well mannered and totally full of laughters too!

The cutest of the lot (cos he’s the youngest :P)…he even did a Michael Jackson one-hand-cover-the-groin dance completed with a full swirl! LOLx. Adorable to the max! Tell you…if you sink your fangs into his cheeks or arms..you’ll never want cotton candy EVER!!

My favorite shot!!! I ♥♥♥♥ this pic!!! (also because I look thin beside the cutie pie!!)

The other parts of my CNY is just sucky. Nebermind. I focus on my cutie & my favorite pic.


2 thoughts on “What makes my CNY less painful..

  1. I think you accomplish what you wanted this year. Being thin! 😀 Don’t loose any more weights. This is ideal already.
    Gong Xi Fa Chai

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