Just popped in a panadol & 3 vitamins pill. I’m desperate to get over my fever & sore throat.  Munching happily on my red bean pao too. *Bliss*  Just finished an hour of utterly unfruitful meeting.  Our great phone line system is so screwed up that I had to try dialing into the conf number for 16 times.  Yes… SIXTEEN times! No kidding.  I just kept getting disconnected.  I ended up having to resort for the most unhigh-tech-hightech solution; my project mate called me on her cellphone and put her net meeting speaker out loud so that I could hear from her phone.  How great technology is eh? *sigh* When you have to get up at such odd time and end up getting crappy stuffs liddis…trust me..you’ll understand my frustration.

I can’t access OCR in office lately.  The line has been bad.  So i haven’t been able to write/comment much.  But it’s a good thing WordPress allow email reply as comment.  That’s so convenient!  But work has been crazy lately with lots of customers going through some major hormonal imbalance 😦

I’m extremely attracted by the deals at Exabytes.  But I’m no techy-web-pro…so I just don’t know what’s the difference with a Linux/Windows based server.  I can’t tell what’s the pros & cons.  Check out these few catchy plans.  It’s really reasonable in price.

  • Business Hosting – I’m attracted to the EBiz Plus one…it has a Linux/Windows options. Again..dunno wats that
  • Personal Hosting – Something on a cheaper side but not so attractive to my needs (or greed).  Only available in Linux

I only have till next weekend to decide before the CNY2010 promo ends. How?! 😦

Ok. Must sleep nao. Late dy.



4 thoughts on “4:09AM

  1. You can call exabyte to ask them the differences and they can advice which packages suitable to you.
    They are quite friendly people. Used to alise with them before at my previous work.

    • Did already. Still couldn’t figure it out. Either they dont get me or i just purely dunno what to ask cos I’m not well verse with web stufss!! LOLx

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