Amelie Cafe

I came to know about this interesting place from an old school mate’s blog.  Bibs and I went on a little hunt last week hoping to check out the place but it was unfortunately closed (wasn’t suppose to however).  So, last Sunday, we decided to try again! We drove down the familiar & heritage looking road; the Armenian Street and soon found a place to park.  Didn’t take us long to make our way to the door step since we already knew how easy it was to spot the quaint looking place.  From the outside, you’ll almost never know it’s an eatery.  A humble entrance with a strong dash of homeliness.

If you have been to Edelweiss, this cafe is pretty nearby.  You won’t miss it if you spot all the potted plants outside.  The sign/name may be a less eye-catchy though.  The easiest way to find the Amelie Cafe is to recognize the Cheah Kongsi (right next to it).

The narrow entrance may not have the usual welcoming flavor you would expect from an eatery; but once you step foot into the place, the rustic feeling of the interior would most certainly capture your eyes.  If you are an artsy-crafty person, I’m almost sure you’ll love the simplicity but yet cozy feeling.  Very quickly, I pointed out to Bibs all the quaint looking furniture narrowly arranged next to one another. Anyone would have wonder which daring Interior Designer have taken such a bold step – such intentional-mismatch!

As interesting as the place is, the menu seems very limited at the moment; which I later found out that they had just started serving lunches that week itself.  Thus, everything was still in the trial-mode.  The original menu of breakfast-cum-tea options were pretty inviting; offering toasts with some tasty-sounding yogurt, tea and coffee to match.  However, I must really warn you…if you are rushing for time, perhaps this is not the place for you. Not at the moment at least.  Currently, the cafe is run by a couple (not sure if they are romantically-related).  The man seems to be the main cook while the lady (her name is Yen) does most of the serving and preparing the drinks.

We waited for a good 45mins to an hour before our food was served.  We had 2 glasses of drinks while waiting hungrily – watermelon juice & their signature Banana+Lime (weird, but interesting).  We had the Pasta with clams & chilli which I thought was really good.  The taste went very well with my tongue; a tinge of vodka that brought up the sweetness of the clams. I loved it! And I have to mention this – they even make their own pasta!  Shortly, the Soup of the Day arrived – creamy watercrest.  Bibs didn’t really find the 2 dishes fascinating.  In fact, he felt it was a waste of his waiting time! 😛 Although I must honestly admit, the portions were relatively small.  When we were done with the pasta & soup, we waited a little more before Bib’s Tuna Sandwich came.  Of cos, tuna sandwich being tuna sandwich (served in Focacia bread), Bibs wasn’t really impressed with the idea of them taking so long to prepare his order.  Because we were SO hungry, I actually did not take a single photo of our food except for this…

This is the most awesome tuna sandwich I’ve ever had. The bread was crispy on the outside (nicely toasted) and the thinly sliced starfruit just blended so amazingly with the tuna fillings.  The sweetness from the starfruit did not make the simple dish seem weird (sweet+savory..??).  Instead, the refreshing combination just brought the tuna sandwich to a whole new level! Lovitt!

Anyways, Bibs said he will never want to go there again (because of the long wait and the unsurprising food).  While I agree the waiting was a real put off, I would recommend you to give it a try if you have the time to kill.  Be warn you techno folks out there…there’s no wifi available.  Also, if you are expecting lavish deco & crockery, forget about it.  The concept of Amelie Cafe is all about use & reuse.  They even serve our drinks in jam jars! Oh…in case you are bored, you are welcomed to check out their mini-library and also play with their cute little doggie (super manja). BTW, the cafe was named Amelie because Yen loves the French movie Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain (which also happens to be one of mine! Wynx, *wink wink*)

So, the next time you’re bored & want to find a simple place to chill, drop by Armenian Street and say Hi to Yen!

Amelie Cafe, Armenian Street (next to Cheah Kongsi). Open daily from 9AM-6PM (except Wednesdays).

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