Bloated weekend

I know my last post has stirred up some Qs and curiosity.  Sorry…I didn’t mean to be vague, but I’m really having a bit of a trouble deciding whether the doctor gave me the right diagnose or not.  But goes. Warning, extra long post ahead!

On Wednesday night when I was waiting eagerly to fetch DarkChoc from work; it was around 7+PM i still remember.  I went to the loo to ease myself thinking that it would prolly be around that time till I get to leave work (I had to rush for Choir practice at 8PM!) Just when I step back to my cube and about to sit down, there was a sudden severe, excruciating pain that shot right from my lower abdomen (yes, where the uterus is) all the way up my spine. I still remember how i literally sprang up from my sitting position but yet the pain was so disabling that I could not even straighten up my spine 😦 With one one grabbing hold of the table corner and another pressing firmly on my seat handle..I struggled to battle with the horrifying attack.  While I do get similar sharp-piercing pain before (pretty often when my lower abdomen gets bloated), I have definitely not encounter such an excruciating pain in my life.  I was crippled for minutes – neither could I sit, stand or even bend my body.  It was completely agonizing.

I then thought I would stagger my way to the toilet and perhaps…try to relief myself one way or another.  My 1st thought was – maybe I’ve been sitting too long that the gas has all accumulated to the brim..or perhaps I have been holding my bladder a bit too long (I keep having the tendency of doing so lately :-S).  Anyways, when nothing helps, I decided it was best to grab my things and leave office.  Guess what? By the time I made my way to my car…I realized I could not get into my car.  It was so painful that I had to endure the sharp pain while I slowly lowered myself in the oddest degree of bending just to fit into my car seat. I swear..if I could cut myself up at that point..I would have done that to relieve from the tremendous bloating-gassy-sharp-excruciating-pain.  I don’t even have the right words to describe.. 😦 When I got home, the worse was just waiting.  You probably guessed it – Yes, I could not get out of my car.  There was no way I could lift up my legs and place them outside of the car door and lift myself body up.  I struggled for a long time while putting up a straight face (didn’t want DarkChoc to know I was in pain).  When I eventually got out…I felt like I had my life shortened by at least half a decade…

The rest of the night was just tiring and draining.  Having to look normal throughout dinner and choir practice was really not easy.  I could not sit up straight as the constant pressure in my lower abdomen kept pressing against my spine. Just imagine having a watermelon stuffed inside and you are trying to sit on it. Not so fun eh? But I was really thankful that I felt so much better as the night went by. I could at least walk and move about. I just could not straighten up entirely (feels like u’re tearing the muscles around the abdomen).  After choir, I went to the GP hoping to get some med to relieve myself.  Sadly, the doc insisted that it was probably a pre-menstrual cramp or even possibly a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).  I was pretty convinced on the latter (since I have been cultivating this bad habit of withstanding toilet visits).  He gave me some anti-bacteria liquid and I was sent home.

The next morning, I woke up with a heavily-bloated lower ab. Nothing has improved except that there’s no more sharp pain. Just plain super-bloatness.  With much pestering from JenC, I went to see the Gynae.  The ultrasound scan seemed to show that there’s a ruptured cyst on the right side of my uterus.  4.8cm was the size of the cyst.  I don’t think it’s big.  He mentioned there was shadows around the cyst which he explained was the bleeding – and the excruciating pain I felt was caused by the explosion from within.  So…there you have it – a Ruptured Ovarian Cyst.  I opted for medication cos the idea of a surgery just didn’t sound like fun to me. Doc said we’ll observe for a week and see if the cyst was going away on its own.

I thought this would be the end of the adventure. Until last night after dinner at I was heading home with Bibs, I started feeling very gassy in my tummy followed by nausea.  I thought it was probably my indigestion since I was feeling that way right after lunch too.  Shortly after I got home..the attack began. There was an acute build up of gastric-like pain at my tummy (where the center of the diaphragm is).  It was so painful coupled with the same sharp pain in my lower abdomen. I could not sit up straight and neither could I stand. But I knew very well that it was a totally different pain that I experienced the night before.  While it was not as excruciating, this time, the pain was equally agonizing because I could not tell if I was having gastric or just abdomen pain. All these happen while I was also feeling very nauseous.  Thank God Bibs was still around. He helped to apply some oilment and gently rub the hurting areas.  Even my back was hurting from all the tension and pressure.  Eventually, the gastric-like pain ease out leaving only the extra-bloated lower ab.

I could not sleep properly the entire night although I was falling in and out of deep slumber (too drained out).  Constantly gassy discomfort each time I tried to turn to my sides to sleep. The entire day, I was just feeling very bloated, painful (but not something I could not bear), uneasy (nausea too), and very agitated 😦

So..that’s what I’m going through now.  I do have a strange feeling that it is probably not a ruptured ovarian cyst and it’s probably something else.  But I don’t think I have the energy to guess or to wait at the hospital/clinic to have it diagnosed again.  I think I’ll just stay on the med for now and pray that all these will come to an end SOON.

Oh well…I fall sick all the time.  Nothing too surprising I guess.  I just want to be able to move around freely (without carrying a watermelon) and to be able to ease myself (wee-wee or fart) with no struggle.  Pray for recovery!

Told ya it is an EXTRA LONG post… -___-“


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