When we are sick, we tend to remember those days when we are healthy; and realize how much we have abused the small little abilities that we have while we were well.  When we recover and get back to the usual lifestyle, we forget how it felt like being stripped off those small little abilities that we took so much granted for.  Funny how we don’t always learn from our mistakes.  The vicious cycle just keeps going.

Now…I just pray that I recover soon.  I swear I never knew it was such a great blessing to be able to sit up straight, bend down and reach your toe, turn to your sides and most importantly…being able to f*rt… 😦

I’m serious… don’t take f*rt it for granted.  It’s a real pure blessing.


5 thoughts on “Health

  1. Firstly, I hope I got my name and email correct, so you do not need to moderate this again…

    Secondly, You will be alright! I just know it. 🙂 Get well soon, and take good care of yourself, and love yourself!

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