Choir trip to Ipoh

I actually haven’t blog for a week!

Even though I hate to admit it, Ethan’s temporary departure seems to be doing me some good.  I don’t spend as much time surfing and working in front of the PC as I would normally do.  I consider this the e-fasting period.

I didn’t get to write much about our short trip to Ipoh 2 weekends back.  I think I forgot to also mention that my camera is currently dead too.  No worries, it is revivable.. my rechargeable batts have reached the end of their lifespan.  I’m waiting for DarkChoc to get me the new sets.  Hence, I don’t have any pics to share from the choir trip. But….fret not!! My roomie took some and I also borrowed a few from Jeremy just to share 🙂

Anyways, the choir trip to Ipoh was to sing during the weekend worship services at the Canning Garden Methodist Church. My previous pastor is not pastoring there 😀 So, it was good to see him and his family.  Moreover, Ipoh is too nice of a state to grumble.  The air is great..the roads are sooo wide (if given PGites, we wouldn’t know how to utilize – inside joke).  We chartered a bus to Ipoh and departed on Saturday morning.  We were treated to a nice Ipoh lunch with some other fellow CGMC-folks.  After which, we checked in to one of the newer hotels in Ipoh – the Paragon City.  But alas! Most of us were assigned to window-less rooms… @_@ Being a claustrophobic person…it sure takes a bit of mental exercise to overcome the lack-of-space.   Still..nothing stopped us from cam-whoring a bit 😛

We sang on Saturday evening and also Sunday morning. Folks from CGMC were very nice and warm.  Very welcoming and kind with their words of encouragement too (I must say.. :P).  Nevertheless, every choir presentation we make, it always give us a whole new experience.  It was good to be given the opportunity again to minister through our singing.

Last shot for the trip..with my beloved sister-&-roomie.. *grins*

Till the next random update.. Toodles!


2 thoughts on “Choir trip to Ipoh

  1. hehehe… yeah 😀 sweet memories. Yummy food. No wonder we sounded odd on Sat night 😛 We were too well-fed 😛 thankfully no breakfast before Sunday service…

    We didn’t even have space to hang our clothes and towels…hehe. And I remember I borrowed ur face powder to hide my dark eye-rings… 😛

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