Blow out of proportion

Not that I want to generalize, but to a certain extent, it’s a fact that women tend to be more dramatic and emotional. Despite having PMS and monthly-cycle to blame, I guess we do have the tendency of over-reacting and really taking things a little too seriously. But then, it’s not entirely bad.

Of late, work has been getting a little madness. I’m taking up a whole new area of technical support which I have zeeloh knowledge on. I have to pick it up and get things rolling as soon as possible. Worse is, I am working with this girl whose boss is super duper aggressive in pushing things off her plate on to mine. GHM*! So, i’m getting a little cranky at work also because I’m the type who procrastinate (majorly) especially on things that I’m not familiar with. OKla…things I’m familiar oso I’ll sometimes procrastinate la…

Today, apparently an urgent issue came in from our super top rice-bowl (sorry..I just want to be discreet). I have been reading emails, slides, and attending meetings most of the time today. Even sacrificed my lunch (one of the last few ones dy) with my soon-to-be ex-lunchmate just to rush back for a meeting *sniff sniff* But honestly… I dunno if it’s just me who is not well verse with the area I’m newly assigned to support.. I actually don’t think this issue sound that much of a BIG thing. Very HOT meh??! Why is everyone like over reacting at work ar? *roll eyes* Sejak bila people start to get so drama over every darn issues..just because it comes from our super top rice-bowl?

Dunno la..maybe it’s just me being hopeless 😛 Keke

Life without Ethan is real sad. I’m still not giving up on the idea of rescuing him. I’m going to attempt finding a cheaper solution.. failing to do so, then, I’ll go get another machine. *sigh* Broke. So broke.

*ouch* some silly mozzie just bit my left ear!


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