Married for 50 Years: Love Ever After

Oh you’ve got to view this people! It’s real awesome.  ♥ this photography project. Gotta go see!! Click on the image! 😀

In search of what makes love last, photographer Lauren Fleishman seeks out couples who know a thing or two on the subject: all of the pairs she interviewed have been married for fifty years or more

Don’t care what you have you share what you have. And be willing to give. Another thing I tell people now is that you have to be able to bend a little bit – Theauther and Annie

And here was Sylvia — firey as anything – Milton and Sylvia

Everyday she says, Did I tell you how much I love you today? Everyday. Everyday she says that – Moe and Tessie

With love you have to trust each other. You need good communication – Alberto and Cathy

You know, sometimes I say something and he reads my mind. They say you sleep on one pillow you get one idea – Murray and Esther

Awesome work!

All images & quotes taken from


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